Eggplant with Honey

Last spring I went to Malaga, Spain to work with my dear friend Maria.  Note that every other woman in Spain is named Maria.  But this Maria is my very special friend that because of the distance I don’t get to spend much time with so being in Malaga for two weeks was wonderful. Malaga – The sun, the sea, the people.  Mostly the people.  The most friendly, warm, welcoming of people. What a pleasure it was to spend three weeks working at the University of Malaga.

And the food. Yes the food.  Coming back I carried a bag full of goodies. Two kinds of honey, wine, two kinds of olive oil, raisins and other dried fruit. Chocolate to melt into milk, and sugar cane syrup. It is very similar to molasses, but not as strong and with a picture of a saint on the jar.  The syrup is drizzled on fried eggplant to make a dish they told is called “eggplant with honey”.  Sounds strange, tastes delicious. So I made it at home for my family and friends. There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe the wonderful taste.

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